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By Robert Murphy, Technogroom

I will begin by Exness explaining to those who do not know me that I sell clippers, so you may think this is a biased approach, but this is not my intention. I did not consider profit margins when choosing which products to stock, but made a decision to build a reputation for recommending good reliable products. Therefore, to stock the ones which I did not believe in would have been a contradiction of this. The first consideration for someone without the technical knowledge of these products should be to find a reputable supply company, who understand their products and most importantly can resolve your problems when things go wrong (service department).

To the Manufacturers who may be reading this - any criticism is hopefully constructive and will help you improve your products, which will benefit the industry as a whole. Although I am sure, you have heard these same criticisms before, as I always tell Groomers who complain about design faults to write to the manufacturer and tell them. I wonder how many do write, or if so do you take notice!

I will start my story 20 years ago when I first became involved with grooming and boarding kennels having volunteered for redundancy after 15 years as an engineer in the electrical and electronic appliance service industry. My wife Agnes had assisted her mother as a Groomer before we married, at the onset of her own business. The first clippers she purchased were Oster golden A5 which lasted about 9 month or about 1000 dog clips, before purchasing another of the same. Then we bought a Thrive, as a spare, but the life span of these clippers proved very short, with me becoming more and more involved with the maintenance (reluctantly, I might add, as I thought I had left this behind and was enjoying the change!). I saw the technology of these clippers even then as very basic and crude, the Oster A5 having been first introduced to the UK around 1965 and is basically unchanged to date. But short of building a set myself, there were few alternatives.

We then went mad, scrapped the lot and changed to Aesculap. Two clippers and two sets of blades - the best thing we ever did - for about a year! Then problems with the clippers occurred again and again. Just our luck to go for this system at a time when their quality went through a bad patch. But, where do you go from there, after investing in this system? No other make takes these blades. It reminded me of 8 track stereo or Betamax Video! Where are they now?

Then I found an Exness Login Indonesia Andis AG. Nine years later this clipper is still functioning, while some of the same models descendants are long gone.

Laube, now this seemed like a revolution and some Groomers are still using their originals. Great motor but some of the control packs and batteries at that time let the whole system down and the service backing and spares from the then retailers was pathetic.

We had reached around 1996, 15years on. We used, and I serviced for others, only Andis AG clippers until last year when I also went into the retail of clippers. During the last 6 years with involvement firstly with the Scottish Groomers Association, then Northern Groomers I have got to know many Groomers worldwide. For some, this has been their first opportunity to discuss different products. I joined U.S. internet Groomers groups and soon discovered that in America they had a much wider choice of clippers than here in the UK and began to find what they considered the best, then obtain these for the UK market. I was spurred on in this by recurring problems with manufacture and quality control with Andis AG and again, with the new AGC, although these problems now seem to be resolved.

Wahl were once, and by some still are, considered the cheap pet and hairdressers’ clipper manufacturer. However, Wahl/Moser/Laube, with the animal division soon to be known simply as Moser, are now the largest clipper company in the world and the only one with a UK European base.

A full range of professional animal clippers is now available under all three brand names. The ones which stand out for the professional Groomer are my no1 favourite the Laube Mini Micro, in my opinion the best clipper so far for this industry. I cannot understand why this company cannot make a more durable drive lever and a shorter cable, this would make this the Mini Micro, without doubt the no1 clipper worldwide. Their new two speed KM2, despite some early problems will suit many Groomers, and the KM1, a little bulky and noisy but reliable. The full Laube range is also greatly improved with spares and service information not the problem it once was.

I also think that despite some problems with the first batch of 240v Andis two speed AGC,s this is a very good clipper and comes a very close second to the Mini Micro on performance and without the same lever wear. Reliability is something time will tell, but they are well worth considering.

Every new clipper, which comes on the market is tried and tested at our own training centre to be independently assessed by a number of Groomers. Over the last 6 months the conclusion of 95% of Groomers at the centre, has been Laube Mini Micro for them, with the new Andis AGC now getting more than a second glance.

I will conclude by exness.my.id saying that this is my current opinion based on a long experience both in this type of product and in the grooming industry and hope this will help you when purchasing your next clipper. But remember, the perfect clipper is not even on the drawing board yet!


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