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Story Winner
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The winner of the tickets to Intergroom 2002 in NewJersey, USA is

Jackie Moore, Paws Dog Grooming, Peterhead

The Joys of Being a Dog Groomer

Occasionally, I groom dogs at a local Veterinary Surgery. The first exness time I arrived at the Vets I was shown into the back room to meet Walter the Vet. I was ushered through by George the Nurse and walked through the door way of what I later realised was the operating room. Walter stood there with a big grin on his face looking at George and myself and talking away to us. But I did not hear a word he said. All I could do was look at the way his hands, covered in blood, were working away inside a big black dog. I stopped in the door way and could not utter a sound. I have been shown into that room a few times to be met by the sight of Walter with his hands inside a dog sometimes with the dog's intestines sat on its chest and the last time I was there I walked in to see him swinging a new born puppy round and round his head like a lasso whilst holding on to its tail. To get the mucus out of its nostrils and get the pup breathing he explained. I have a feeling they use this shock tactic on me a lot of the time just to see the look on my face.

When I first started going there a few years ago I happened to mention to one of the Vets that the dogs that were under anaesthetic to be groomed always felt cold to the touch and also did not look as if they were breathing. He said that the best way to tell that the dog was indeed breathing was to pump one of the front legs up and down a couple of times, and that after doing this you would see the chest rise and fall and know the dog was OK. Well since that day, George has laughingly told me that I seem to spend more time pumping the dogs’ legs than actually grooming them!

I have a lady who brings her Lhasa Apso to be groomed every 4 weeks. One time when she brought Benji for his monthly shampoo and trim she booked her next few appointments in advance. "I wish everyone was as organised as you are" I said to her. "I am a nail beautician and have to be organised other wise I do not get to do things" she said. The rest of the conversation was spent with me with my hands deep in the pockets of my overall trying to hide them as I was so ashamed of the state of my nails.

By the time her next appointment came around exness office in india I had convinced myself that I needed to spend some time beautifying myself. So when Benji arrived for his appointment I took a deep breath and plunged in "I was wondering if I could make an appointment with you to get my nails done" I said. Well the appointment was made and I spent several days imagining my beautifully manicured nails. But I came away from the appointment with bright pink false nails, not the beautiful manicured nails I had imagined. She explained to me that my nails were not in very good condition and that false nails were my best option. The cost seemed to me to be as shocking as the pink nails! Any way I paid up and rushed back to my grooming room to start on the first dog booked in for grooming that day. A couple of snips later there, on the table lay half a pink nail - I had snipped off the top of one of the false nails. As the day continued and I bathed a few dogs I noticed several pink nails floating around the bath and swirling towards the plug hole. By the end of the day only two of the nails remained intact. Oh dear, I thought what a waste but there was no point leaving them on as they looked silly. So, reluctantly I removed the final two false nails.

I wondered if a trip to the hairdressers would turn out any better. I spend a lot of time each day beautifying dogs and recommending different types of shampoos and conditioner to clients for different coated dogs but only spend two minutes washing my own hair with Pantene Pro V shampoo and conditioner, then a further two minutes drying it under the stand dryer. My own dogs run and hide as soon as they see me rushing towards them with yet another new shampoo in one hand and several different highly recommended conditioners in the other. It is as if they are saying to each other "Look out here she comes to try out another new concoction on us. You go that way and I'll try this way maybe if she can’t catch us she will give up the chase". When I am driving along the road I almost crash because I cannot take my eyes off a dog with a bad hair cut or one that badly needs a trim. I get scissor happy when I see a stray hair on any dog yet I can not remember the last time I went to the hairdressers. When I finally do get around to going to the salon I spend most of my time how to register and open a exness forex account comparing notes with the hairdresser. "Do you use single sided thinning scissors or double sided? Do you get pain in your hand with your job? I do." I chatter on endlessly about this piece of equipment or that, comparing shampoos and conditioners with those she uses for humans. I really enjoy these conversations - I don’t know if she feels the same, though. Maybe she says "Oh no, here comes that woman again" the way I say "I see that naughty Jacob the Springer Spaniel with attitude is booked in again today." I decided on a spiral perm which seemed to take forever to complete. The result of this trip to the hairdressers was not as successful as I had imagined either. I came out with a mass of curls which seemed to have a life of their own. It took months to tame this wild hairstyle and a year to grow out. No more perms for me.

I've given up on the external beautifying. First chance I get I'm off to the Samye Ling Buddhist Temple to do a bit of meditating. I think a bit of internal beautifying may be the answer. Or could I be in need of a bit of retail therapy – a day at the shops? No, I think a bit of rejuvenating by way of a grooming seminar is the answer. I will have to look in my Northern Groomers Magazine for the date of the next grooming seminar and give that a whirl.

 Congratulations to Jackie on winning the writing competition. We also have two runners up whom Technogroom has decided to give prizes to. We have decided to make this a regular feature to the magazine and next issue another company are kindly donating the prizes. So get scribbling now and send or email your entries to Tricia McGuire, Northern Groomers Writing Competition

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