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Northern Groomers Story

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By Tricia McGuire, Canine Cuts, Edinburgh

The next issue of the Northern Groomers magazine will be the 12th edition, 2 years on from those initial sheets of paper that were stapled together and issued to Groomers in Scotland. For those of you who are new readers, or those of you who have forgotten how it all began, here’s why six crazy individuals from the grooming industry started Northern Groomers.

The people involved are Tricia McGuire, Agnes Murphy, Fiona Keith, Margaret Simpson, Robert Murphy and William Torrance. They all got to know each other when Tricia, Agnes, Fiona and Margaret were going back and forth from Scotland to Bedford to sit the practical exams of the Advanced Grooming Diploma. Back in Scotland they decided to start small discussion groups and invited along speakers from various breed clubs to share their knowledge with the Groomers attending the meetings. Then someone came up with the bright idea of sending out a newsletter and so the first Northern Groomers Magazine was born. Thankfully there were only a few hundred copies, as it was printed on Tricia’s inkjet printer and took days to print out.

The group then received many enquiries and requests for the magazine to be sent "down south". So, over a thousand copies of the second edition of the magazine were printed. Thankfully, the inkjet printer had been upgraded to a laser printer but still took days to print out and 7 hours to staple the pages together. The next edition would have to be printed by professionals. And so the search for more advertisers began so that the cost of printing and postage could be covered. The magazine increased in size and the number of readers doubled.

So why do these people give up their precious free time to produce the Northern Groomers magazine and run seminars and events for the grooming industry. The answer is simple – they’re all mad! No seriously, they all have a great passion for the industry they work in. They feel that the grooming profession is not treated with the respect it deserves from the general public. Grooming is a highly skilled job. You have to be able to handle dogs and their owners, have good trimming skills, a good knowledge of different breeds and the care of dogs, as well as being able to run a business. Public opinion will not change unless all Groomers get together and help each other to better themselves and the grooming industry. What better way is there for Groomers to communicate with each other than through a magazine that reaches more Groomers than any other publication or organisation.

After the magazine came the internet group and website which now connects hundreds of Groomers around the world. All these services and other events that Northern Groomers organise are run by volunteers. And those volunteers are not just the six people mentioned previously. They’ve even managed to rope their families and friends into giving up their free time in helping with Northern Groomers efforts and a massive thank you goes to all of those people.

Of course the magazine could not continue if it were not for the companies who support Northern Groomers by advertising with them. One company who deserves a special mention is Dezynadog who have advertised in every issue of the magazine since the very first edition. Without such companies it would be impossible to fund the magazine and seminars so next time you’re needing any equipment, shampoos, etc, look up the Northern Groomers magazine and support the companies who are supporting you. And don’t forget to mention where you saw their advert.

And finally, don’t forget that this is your trade magazine. It is here for you to voice an opinion, get information and share ideas with other Groomers. If there is something you would like to know more about or something you would like to say them please don’t hesitate to write. We value your comments.

Northern Groomers is a non profit making association, run by volunteers.
Any surplus monies from the magazine or events organized by
Northern Groomers will be used to improve and promote
the professional pet grooming industry.

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