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Northern Groomers Event
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By Tricia McGuire
Pictures courtesy of Bill Golden. Scottish Dogs Magazine

The Sands Centre in Carlisle was the venue for Northern Groomers' first major 2 day event on the last weekend in February. It was a very popular venue, central, easy to find and plenty of room inside. Luck was with us for the date we chose. One day later and nobody would have been able to get there because of snow. One month later and the event would have been cancelled due to the foot and mouth epidemic.

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After months of preparation and stress, Saturday morning kicked off with Yoga for Groomers by Barbara Bird. If you are a member of the Northern Groomers egroup or have looked at some of the American websites you will already have read some of Barbara’s words of wisdom. She has been grooming for 30 years and has owned the Transformation Pet Center in Arizona, USA for 23 of those years. She has a strong commitment to grooming support and education and, as well as her work on the internet, has trained several apprentices and presented seminars at industry level. She knows only too well the strain we Groomers put on our bodies and minds and demonstrated various Yoga techniques to help us get through our daily stresses. The second topic of the morning was Cyber Grooming and Networking. Curtis Hanvey, owner of the American email list, Groom_TNT, unravelled the mysteries of the internet. He has been a great help to Northern Groomers in helping us set up our own egroup. The reason why we started the magazine was to get Groomers communicating with each other. As we all know, if you are a sole grooming you can feel a bit isolated at times. The magazine has been a great success, but a bit slow, the internet is so instant. For those of you with access to the internet, if you have not joined our group already, you don’t know what you’re missing. (You can join from our website www.northerngroomers.co.uk). Saturday afternoon was run by Pet ID, who taught Groomers how to earn a bit more cash for a lot less work by microchipping dogs. This is definitely an extra job worth thinking about, if you are not too squeamish!

The trade fair and grooming competition were held on the Sunday. This was a much busier and active day, lots to do and see, with trade stands from grooming supply companies to nutrition, education and even art. We also had some unusual breeds to see, such as the Russian Black Terrier, Puli, etc. This was a popular stand as many Groomers were interested in meeting breeds other than the usual ones that enter their salons. There were also seminars about shampoo (Barbara Bird), new equipment (Technogroom and Dezynadog) and nutrition (Burns Pet Nutrition).

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Lesley Callander – Best Junior

The grooming competition was well attended. As well as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each class, there were prizes for those who had never competed before (Debutante) and for under 16 year olds (Juniors). Winners were presented with rosettes and gifts such as clippers, shampoos, etc. Well done to everyone who competed. Especially those first timers, it takes a lot of courage to stand up and trim in front of an audience. And of course congratulations to Richard Barker who won Best in Show with a Standard Poodle and to Paula Hull who was runner up with her Cocker Spaniel. Instead of trophies we decided to present these winners with framed and engraved photographs of themselves and their winning dogs. A great memento for a successful day.

Thanks to everyone who came to our event. Especially those of you who travelled so far. One of the biggest moans we get from Groomers is "I can't go to seminars they're always too far away". Can I urge everyone to try to get to at least one event a year. Surely you can manage one weekend out of a year to take some time off and support these events. Think of it as a holiday. If you are able to, treat yourself to a night in a fancy hotel. It's about time we groomers start pampering ourselves and not just the pooches, (and don't forget - it is a BUSINESS trip and therefore a business expense). Now that Northern Groomers have run this event we realise how much work is involved pre, during and post the event. If no one had bothered to make the effort to come then we certainly would not bother doing it again. And I'm sure we're not the only event organisers to think that. However, all the hard work has been worthwhile, we saw many happy groomers at our event and thank you to everyone who supported us.



Poodle Class
1st Richard Barker - St Poodle
2nd Emma Walton - Toy Poodle
3rd Peter Ensell - Min Poodle

Scissored Class
1st Melanie Winters - Lhasa
2nd Ann Meaden - Bichon
3rd Joanne Pearson - Lhasa

Handstrip Class
1st Pauline Friedlander - Scottie
2nd Paula Hull - Scnauzer
3rd Sheila MacKenzie - Lakeland

Clipped Class                    
1st Peter Ensell - Airedale
2nd Melanie Winters - Bedlington
3rd Joanne Angus - Lhasa

Gundog Class
1st Paula Hull - Cocker
2nd Lainy Wilson - English Springer
3rd Lesley Callander - English Setter

Pairs Class
1st Joanne Angus & Emma Walton - St Poodle
2nd Chris Bennett & Sue Davies - Italian Spinone
3rd Mandy Strachan & V V Gudmundfdottir - Cocker

Best in Show - Richard Barker,
Reserve Best in Show - Paula Hull
Best Debutante - Margaret MacLeod
Best Junior - Lesley Callander

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"I would just like to say a big thank you to all of you at NG who put the seminar together. I learnt so much and spent even more, I couldn't wait to get home to try out my LIPS. A special thanks to both Curtis Hanvey and Barbara Bird for coming over. Barbara, I will be showing my staff the yoga exercises. For those who missed out on this Fab weekend, we travelled up from Kent it took 6.5 hours but it was well worth it, I got to meet more list members and catch up with some old ones, this made for a warm and friendly atmosphere."
Louisa Tandy

"WELL! What a fantastic weekend! I congratulate Northern Groomers for the hard work I know they have put in to make this event a successful one. The venue was good, the seminars good, the B&B's were just round the corner, lots to see & buy. If you did not attend, you don't know what you missed. Well done and thanks to all of you. I would also like to thank Barbara and Curtis for all their advice and help. Hope we see you both again soon. A very contented (and broke) Chris Chadwick."

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