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This is a new feature for the magazine where we will be telling you about new equipment and other news relevant to the grooming industry. If you think you know of anything that should be included please let us know



Stephen Jeffrey has recently joined exness the Pet Care Trust as their new Operations Manager. Prior to this he was the Sales and Marketing Manager for the National Federation of Hairdressers. His new role will involve developing and extending members’ benefits, including training and improved services via the Pet Care Trust website www.petcare.org.uk. He is determined to raise the profile of the Pet Industry and the Pet Care Trust in particular.

This will certainly be a big challenge for him and we wish him luck with this new venture. Hopefully his experience with the "Human" Groomers will also help raise the profile of the British Dog Groomers Association which hides somewhere in the depths of the Pet Care Trust.

Benefits of pet vaccination recognised by independent committee

A new report concludes that currently available dog and cat vaccines play a very valuable role in the prevention and control of major infectious diseases and strongly supports their use. The Report was published on 1st February by the Veterinary Products Committee (VPC) Working Group on Feline and Canine Vaccination into the issues surrounding the routine vaccination of cats and dogs.

The VPC working group considered a number of issues including the incidence of adverse reactions. One area highlighted in the Report was that of feline injection site sarcomas. NOAH (National Office of Animal Health) recognises this particular concern and has already been instrumental in setting up an interdisciplinary expert working group specifically looking into this issue.

The Report also found that there is insufficient exness trader information to propose booster intervals other than those recommended by the manufacturer and approved by the regulatory process. However, it emphasised the fact that vaccination should be an individual medical decision made by the vet in consultation with the owner and it recognised that the manufacturers' recommended regimes will be based on a minimum duration of immunity – rather than a maximum.

More information on this report is available at http://www.noah.co.uk.


Wahl are delighted to introduce The Moser Max 45 Clipper. This ultra modern clipper combines the four most highly valued points by professionals. Lightweight, powerful, very quiet and cool running after long use.

The Max 45 Clipper builds on qualities of reliability and other new improved designs such as the 45w two-speed rotary motor that is silent in use, which can only be a benefit when working with nervous animals.

Ideal for the professional is exness regulated in india Groomer, the Max 45 Clipper is designed with a cool running motor for prolonged clipping but is also lightweight which makes difficult grooming areas a thing of the past.

wpe6.jpg (7582 bytes)

RRP 119.95. Available at all leading grooming supply companies

Pet GSL medicines
not under EU threat

Following the publication on 27 January 2002 of a misleading article in the Sunday Telegraph, which wrongly implied that all animal medicines would be restricted to being Prescription-Only (POM), there is some concern that GSL pet medicines' future is threatened.

Contrary to what appeared in the newspaper article

bulletthe proposal from the European Commission to move to POM applies to farm livestock only (including horses) but not pets.
bulletit is a proposal only, and far from agreed - the UK government is opposed, as are many MEPs
bulleteven if the proposal were agreed, it would not take effect until at least 2005.

The proposal from the European Commission is intended to bring the main medicines directive into line with the directive on residues in meat and milk for human consumption - it has nothing to do with pet medicines, and will not affect them.


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