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Groomer of the Year 2001

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Groomer of the Year 2001

By Diana North

Joanne Angus of Look North Dog Grooming and Salon 2000 Training Centre in Keighley, West Yorkshire trimmed a Black Standard Poodle and a Lhasa Apso to win the coveted title of Groomer of the Year 2001, her last win was in 1991. The Runner-up title went to Caroline Clancy of Top Groom, Downend, Bristol, who scissored an Old English Sheepdog, with Scotland’s own Agnes Murphy of Scotgroom, Carluke, taking the reserve spot with her beautifully groomed English Setter. Congratulations to these wonderful Groomers who gave us an example of the best of grooming in the UK.

One of the most exciting titles is the Newcomer of the Year, this section is open to any Groomer who has not been grooming full time for more than two years. The winner this year was, Dee Frances of Mutts, Atherstone, Warwick, winning the title of Newcomer of the Year 2001. Joanne Greaves of Dezynapet, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, took the Runner-up title and in the reserve spot was Sabrina Cumbers, of Pooches Grooming, Chelmsford, Essex.

These were not the only champions of this busy day of grooming, 73 dogs in all were trimmed many by Groomers who had not competed before. Each was an example of how grooming has moved forward, showing a wide variety of breeds and all a good example for us to look at. In time and planning, these dogs represent hours of thought and preparation and I think we should all be grateful that so many Groomers want to spend time and money to compete with each other.

The judges were, Judith Averis, Anita Bax and Melanie Winter. These three well known and respected judges had quite a task to separate the winners from the nearly winners, in many cases it was down to an odd knot or not quite as much shape or too much shape there. Whatever the decisions at the end of the competition, they had to go through 73 dogs at least once and then time and time again to come to their final decision.

A new award this year was the Competitors Professionalism Award. This was given to the competitor who, in the eyes of the delegates, completed the competition in a professional manner. This gave those watching the opportunity to vote for their choice of Groomer. This year this award went to the winner of the competition, Joanne Angus, but it could have been any of the competitors, this was a delegate vote.

No competitor went away empty handed. Each Groomer received a very smart canvas briefcase sporting the famous Groomers Association poodle logo, it was packed to the brim with exciting goodies and a laminated certificate for the salon wall.

The British Grooming Championships seek to honour more than just those who participate in the grooming competition. The popular Best Dressed Groomers Award went to Dezynapet of Kings Lynn, who looked very smart and work like in matching monogrammed turquoise outfits.

The Grooming Achievement Award is for the person or company who are considered to have helped the grooming industry in the last year. I think that all the readers of this publication will agree that the winners of the title for 2001 deserved to be the delegates choice. This award went to Agnes & Bobby Murphy for their work with the Northern Groomers. Congratulation to them both and to the rest of the team, who work together to bring Groomers something that no other group has been able to do in the UK - a magazine about grooming for Groomers.

Whilst the competition was unfolding in the main arena, in a room off the main hall the seminar was in progress. This was well attended and over flowing at times. The main speaker for the morning was Barbara Drysdale VN Cert Ed, a principle tutor at the College of Animal Wefare at Wood Green in Cambridge. Barbara is a very able speaker who gave an interesting and relevant talk on Animal First Aid, followed by an insight into skin diseases. Barbara made both of her sessions interesting by linking her subjects to instances that we might find in the grooming salon.

The speaker for the afternoon was Dr Roger Mugford, who gave an amusing and informative talk with demonstrations ably assisted by his canine friend PC (The perfect canine). As with the morning session the information was linked to how we might better understand dog handling and training, to help us do our work more safely for ourselves and the dogs in the Salon.

In her talk, Carol Flatt of Dezynadog reminded us that we are in business to make a profit and should consider with care the prices we charge, weighing up the time and cost of the work we do.

Whilst these talks progressed, grooming demonstrations were in progress. Two grooming tutors, Emma Baldock from Pankington Kennels bravely trimmed her way through a Cocker Spaniel, Poodle and hand stripped a Border Terrier, whilst Anna Gemelou from Shuttleworth College trimmed a West Highland White Terrier and a Cavalier Spaniel. Things were made more difficult for these two as they had to trim whilst the speakers were giving their talk so no clipping could be done. But both over came this problem, Anna used thinning scissors on the Westie’s and Cavalier’s back coat and Emma did her hand stripping. The audience showed a great appreciation to these two and all who took part in the seminar.

Standing room only as speakers and demonstrations work side by side

The trade stands were kept busy all day, with Groomers spending their hard earned money looking for new ideas and time saving gadgets.

At the end of the competition those present who had achieved their City & Guilds examination were presented with a City & Guilds badge to mark their achievement. This year’s top City & Guilds candidate was Ruth Driver.

Margaret Simpson was presented with a plaque and an invitation to join the Guild of Advanced Groomers on her successful completion of the Advanced Grooming Examination.

In all, I think the 20th Groomer of the Year went very well. As always, things can be improved and I wonder if the Pet Care Trust will come up with something special for the 21st anniversary competition in 2002.

Congratulations all round to all who, either took part, helped or just attended, everyone played a part in the day’s success.

wpe7.jpg (16276 bytes)
Winners of the Experienced Groomers Group

British Dog Grooming Championships 2001 Results

Newcomers Group 1st 2nd 3rd

Clipped Terriers Jane Pavely

Paddie Paws

St Neots

Miniature Poodle Phillipa Brooks

Sophies Groom Room

Frodsham, Cheshire

Handstrip & Clipped Gundogs Sabrina Cumbers


Chelmsford, Essex

William Torrance

Posh Pooch

Falkirk, Scotland

Mixed & Other Breeds Joanne Greaves


Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Tina Flavell

Simons Dog Grooming

Bath, Somerset

Stephanie Wakefield


Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Handstrip(not Gundogs) Dee Francis


Atherstone, Warws

Jane Warner

Animal Crackers

Formby, Liverpool


Newcomer of the Year 2001

1st Dee Francis. 2nd Joanne Greaves 3rd Sabrina Cumbers


Experienced Group 1st 2nd 3rd

Clipped Terriers


Tricia McGuire

Canine Cuts


Peter Ensell



Zoe Duffy

Park Lane College, Leeds

Miniature Poodle


Jolli King

Pankington Kennels

Hatton, Lincs

Lynne Land



Margaret Simpson

Posh Pooch

Falkirk, Scotland

Standard Poodle


Joanne Angus

Look North

Keighley, W Yorks

Sue St Maur Thorpe



Janet Newdick


Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Handstrip & Clipped Gundogs Agnes Murphy


Carluke, Scotland

Janet Newdick


Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Angela Holdin


Chelmsford, Essex

Mixed & Other Breeds Caroline Clancy

Top Groom

Downend, Bristol

Hannah Ford

The Doghouse

Bridgend, S Wales

Joanne Angus

Look North

Keighley, W Yorks

Handstrip(not Gundogs)


Julie Harris

Smart Pets

Eastbourne, Sussex

Alison Rogers

Pretty Paws

Holmfirth, W Yorks

Pauline Friedlander


Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Groomer of the Year 2001

1st Joanne Angus 2nd Caroline Clancy 3rd Agnes Murphy


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