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Eurogroom 2002

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Eurogroom 2002
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By Tricia McGuire, Canine Cuts Edinburgh

Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 2002 was the date for this year’s Eurogroom, organised by Anita Bax and Peter Young. Once again it was held in Bracknell, Berkshire. Myself and two other Groomers from Edinburgh, Joanne Shillington and Johan Lee, decided to travel the many miles across the country to attend this event. We were up early to catch the 6:20am Easyjet flight from Edinburgh to Luton but ended up in Gatwick due to our flight being cancelled! Well, what could we expect for 10 flights? We hired a car then set off up the motorway in the pouring rain to Bracknell. Not such a good day so far.

We arrived in time to see the first competition classes in action and caught the end of Carol Flatt’s seminar on how to increase your turnover. The room was full of Groomers obviously looking for some business tips. After that there were more money making ideas from Pete Sandiford of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association and from Rosemary Barry who told us all about microchipping.

While the grooming competition carried on we enjoyed Heather Gale’s interactive seminar on how to improve your business image. The next talk was by Melanie Winters-Holmes who was surprised when she saw how many Groomers were interested in her topic of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is very worrying to see how many of us are suffering from the aches and pains of repetitive strain injuries.

There was a talk about pensions in the afternoon, unfortunately we missed that as we decided to get some lunch and do a bit of shopping at the trade stands. Although pensions is not the most interesting subject for many of us it is something we should all be thinking about, no matter how old or young we are.

As well as all these seminars there were also some breed demonstrations and of course the other competition classes to watch. I have to say that I thought the standard of grooming had much improved from 2 years ago when I was at Eurogroom (no offence to anyone intended, I was a competitor that year too!). Finally the competition finished and the rosettes, cash and prizes were presented. The results are below. Sorry about the lack of photos but something happened to my digital camera and I lost all the pictures I had taken. Despite the bad start to the day we had an enjoyable time and came away with lots of new ideas. And we caught our flight home without any problems.

Unfortunately, I must end this report with some sad news. Only a couple of weeks after the event Anita’s husband died suddenly. On behalf of Northern Groomers and myself, our condolences go out to Anita and her family.


Eurogroom 2002 Results

Standard Poodles

1st Suzanne Lee

2nd Jane Keeling

3rd Fiona Brock


1st Linda Doherty

2nd Anne Meaden

3rd Zoe Duffy

Handstripped Terriers

1st Alison Lee

Handstripped Gundogs

1st Alison Lee

2nd Amy English

3rd Angela Holden

Clipped Terriers

1st Melanie Winters-Holmes

2nd Alison Rogers

3rd Jayne Emery

Min/Toy Poodles

1st Suzanne Lee

2nd Emma Walton

3rd Lynne Land

Magnificent Mutts

1st Vicky Coyte

Show Class

1st Pauline Friedlander

2nd Zoe Duffy

3rd Philip Langdon

Oster Career Start

1st Chrissie Evans

2nd Laura Haley

3rd Darren Jennings


1st Sabrina Cumbers

2nd Louise Rice

3rd Fiona Brock

People’s Choice

Pauline Friedlander


Alison Lee


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