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By Tricia McGuire, Canine Cuts, Edinburgh

This year Eurogroom was a one day event on Bank Holiday Monday 1st May 2000 at a new venue in Bracknell. I found the venue quite easily but judging by the number of late arrivals it was not that easy to find. I thought the exterior of the venue was a bit scruffy but once inside it seemed a lot better than previous years’ venues. Much better lighting and more roomy (apart from the lecture room which got a bit crowded at times). There was plenty of room to go round the trade stands and spend lots of money, (which I did!). I must say I enjoyed the day, I always do when I go to seminars it’s a great chance to meet other Groomers, see their talents and pick up a few tips.

The talks were very interesting especially Anita Bax’s seminar on skin and hair management. Other topics covered were Basic Grooming Preparation, Pet Passports and Cat Grooming. I think if all cats were as laid back as the demonstration cat we’d all be cat grooming! There were also demonstrations on different breeds but I missed them as I had entered one of the competition classes (the least said about that, the better!). The entries for the classes were a bit disappointing, with many only having three entrants. Perhaps there will be more next year.

Congratulations to Philip Langdon who won best in show with a beautiful Poodle, Shih Tzu Cross.