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It’s the mad season again when the ‘phone never stops ringing and your appointment book is full. Hopefully you will have a little time to read this issue of the magazine. Remember you must give yourself time to put your feet up and relax. It’s all too easy to forget about ourselves at this time of the year, but pace yourself, you still have the Summer months to go through. Be careful not to burn out. We’ll have an article in the next issue to help you with that.

But back to this issue. It’s packed full of news, stories, information and help. We have a couple of new features such as the Grooming Stories (page 18). Here’s your chance to tell your story, anything at all as long as it’s grooming related. And you win a prize if your article is printed in the magazine. Also new is the News Flash page. If you hear of any interesting news relating to the grooming industry let us know so we can spread the word. This magazine was started to get Groomers communicating with each other. As we all know, grooming can be a very isolated job. So many of us work on our own and without the magazine (and now the internet) we would never know what else is going on outwith our salon walls.

There have been a lot of exciting shows and seminars since the last issue of the magazine. If you were unlucky to have missed them you can read all about them now. It is important to keep yourself up to date with new equipment, styling and new techniques. And there is no better way to get advice from the experts in our profession than speaking to them yourselves at a seminar. Try to get to as many as you can. See page 4 for future events. This is another section of the magazine we need your help with. If you know of any events that you think Groomers would benefit from, let us know.

As you will see from the enclosed leaflet, the Northern Groomers Magazine is going to more and more Groomers with every issue. Obviously with more copies to print and more postage costs it is becoming more expensive for us to issue the magazine. We have issued the magazine free of charge for the last two years and have done so because we know what it’s like when you’re rushed off your feet. Who’s got time to fill in forms and send off cheques for subscriptions to magazines? But we wanted everyone to benefit from the information we had to share and from all the thank you letters we have received we know how much you have appreciated it. So, before you do anything else and later forget, please send in your subscriptions now so you are not disappointed when July comes and you don’t get your Summer edition of the magazine. May you all have a busy but stress free Spring.


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