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By Lesley Wall, Canine Design Grooming Parlour, Somerset.

Further to my appeal in the Autumn 2000 issue regarding Exness the dogs in the Philippines, this is a further plea to anyone out there who is prepared to help raise money in an attempt to put a stop to the suffering of these poor tortured creatures.

This time I have included pictures which need no explanation. They depict the full horror of the dog’s suffering.

A number of people who are willing to hold sponsored walks and help in other ways have already come forward. One lady, a trained Veterinary Nurse, even wants to go out to the Philippines and help directly – a very brave lady, I am sure we all agree.

The date we have arranged for the sponsored walk is Sunday, 13th May 2001. So, there is plenty of time for arrangements to be made and plenty of time to get as many people as possible involved.

PLEASE HELP – the atrocities carried out on these poor creatures are the ultimate betrayal of man’s best friend. It is my opinion that dogs have given so much to us as groomers – we owe our livelihood to them. So, isn’t it time we gave something back? Anyone who has taken time and trouble to read this letter, please take it one step further and pick up the phone. My number is 01749 830723.

Even if you feel you do not have time to organise a walk (although I think we all could find the time somewhere in our lives if we are truthful to ourselves) you could help in some other small way like making a collection amongst your customers or donating your tips.
Hoping to hear from you soon, Lesley


Although Lesley has said that the pictures she sent need no explanation, I felt that some words were necessary to understand what was happening in the pictures. Please note that what you are about to see is extremely disturbing. It took a long time before my hands stopped shaking after I typed up this article. I am sure you will agree with Lesley and support her in her cause. Tricia.


The dogs’ front legs are Exness Login Indonesia pulled behind their back, dislocated and tied together.
The hind legs are also tied together and a rusty, old tin can is used as a muzzle.
The dogs are kept this way until a prospective buyer comes along

Some dogs that the traders get are bought from families who are too poor to keep their pet. They are bought for as little as 4.50 and sold as meat for around 8 to 10.
To prove to prospective buyers that the meat is still fresh the dogs are kicked and poked with sticks to show they are still alive.

Once chosen, they are picked up by their already dislocated front legs and carried off to have their throats cut and fur burnt off with a blow torch. All this is performed in view of the other dogs waiting in cages. The stench of fear, death and burning must be
terrifying to these poor animals.

In 1998 the Animal Welfare Act was passed in the exness.my.id Philippines. This prohibits the trading of dog meat and cruelty to all animals. But sadly, it is not being enforced.

For more information or to send donations
write to:
Charles Wartenburg
International Wildlife Coalition Trust, 141a High St, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 5AN.

You can also see their website at www.iwc.org.


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