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By Fiona Keith, Dunragit Grooming School, Stranraer

Do   be pleasant, confident, polite and smile. Nothing is Exness more unwelcoming than a surly, grumpy employee.

Do   treat each customer and dog as if they are special. Show interest and concern.

Do listen to instructions for grooming. You want to get it right for each customer.

Do give help and advice about coat care and diet, if you have enough knowledge in this area.

Do remember to inform pet owners of any ailment or infestation of beasties that you have discovered, or else it might be thought that you were responsible. Remember to ask, the next time, how things were resolved.

Do    keep records, so that when a customer calls, you know who they are and can talk to them in a personal manner.

Do     give practical help to someone trying seriously, but not coping with a difficult dog or coat. For instance, show them how to get rid of simple knots before they develop, or explain that it would be easier to groom their dog if they can get it to stand on a table or bench.

Do send a little card of condolence when a dog dies. Just to know that someone else "loved" their pet can be a comfort to a grieving owner.

Do thank the customer for Exness Login Indonesia bringing their pet to you.

Don’t assume that because you’ve groomed that dog many times before that the person will come back to you next time. Competition may start up near by. You must strive to keep up a good level of service.

Don’t demean a customer’s dog by saying things like "that’s a strange looking little animal" or "what long legs he has for a Yorkie".


Don’t drag an unwilling dog into your studio. Put the dog, and owner, at ease as best you can. Get the owner to lift the dog for you, if that is reasonable. Or you go and lift the dog. Offer a titbit or any other type of encouragement.

Don’T ever clip off a dog’s coat without exness.my.id having the owner’s consent. Take time to go over the dog in the owner’s presence so that you know what you can offer.

Don’t dismiss complaints. Listen and try to address the problem. Apologise if necessary for any misunderstanding or mistake.

Don’t sit on your laurels and think that there is nothing new out there for you to learn. Go to every seminar possible and continue to broaden your horizons and offer yet a better service.

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