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By Joanne Shillington, Joanne’s Dog Grooming Salon, Edinburgh

I attended the Northern Groomers Seminar on Sunday 25th November 2001, held at Oatridge College, Broxburn. The organisers, Tricia McGuire, Margaret Simpson, Fiona Keith, Willie Torrance, Agnes and Bobby Murphy can be congratulated on a successful day.

People arrived around 9:30am, welcomed with tea, coffee and home baking, available to everyone except myself – I arrived late. I hope my grooming is better than my navigational skills! Demonstrations followed with Fiona Keith using the Clipper Vacuum System on a Miniature Poodle, whilst Tricia McGuire clipped a Lhasa Apso using a comb attachment resulting in a lovely finish. Agnes Murphy discussed in depth the qualifications that are available to Groomers and their assistants. Also talked about was the importance of using quality scissors. If you use cheap, poor quality scissors it will most definitely show in your work and the resulting calluses on the fingers through stiff scissors will say it all! Everyone was encouraged to ask questions and try any of the equipment used in the demonstrations.

After a delicious and inexpensive lunch at the college canteen there were more demonstrations. Agnes Murphy showed us techniques to produce great results on an English Setter. Margaret Simpson scissored a Bichon and discussed how to achieve the best finish and shape. Deirdrie McLeod gave an interesting talk and demonstration on the Dandie Dinmont, letting us into her secret tip on how to get the best finish on the Dandie’s head. No scissors required – she used a lighter to singe the hair at the tips giving it a really natural look. The seminar ended with Bobby Murphy giving an informative talk on the maintenance of clippers and blades. Also on hand was John Stanford, the Wahl representative, to answer any questions regarding Wahl products.

The Venue was very warm and comfortable. The demonstrations were interesting and well organised. The tradestand by Technogroom offered new products, equipment and workwear. The whole event was organised to raise funds for the Northern Groomers Show taking place in Carlisle, 30th & 31st March 2002. It is always good to meet other Groomers and learn new things at seminars. If you’ve never been to a seminar or show before I would definitely recommend it!

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