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World Championships 2003

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By Kim Bundock, Progroom, Southend-on-Sea, Essex


Four of us went to the World Grooming Championships 25/26th October 2003. We enjoyed the whole event, which not only comprised of magnificent grooming, but also held a cat/dog show as well as obedience and agility exness .

The grooming was the highlight of the two days with Groomers using the best of their skills and techniques to challenge all other competitors, and countries. It was brilliant to watch these wonderfully talented Groomers up close, seeing how they achieved those clean lines and 'sculptured' designs, especially with such breeds like the poodles, bichons and bedlingtons!, not to mention the Spaniel class of which Paula Hull got the Gold Medal. exness south africa WELL DONE PAULA!!

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How many of you have seen the use of straighteners (yes that’s right - human hair straighteners) on an American Cocker’s coat? These were used whilst preparing the coat completely straight before trimming. And some 'Westie' heads were almost brinking on 'punk-rock' with the use of chalking and other products. You couldn’t help yourself keep looking and remembering all the tools and products Groomers were using. As I say these guys were pulling out all of the stops! It was brilliant.
There were seven countries in total of which the result were - 1st Italy, 2nd USA, 3rd France, 4th Spain, 5th UK, 6th Canada and 7th Germany. We personally thought that our team did respectfully well, as the competition was the highest standard that we had ever seen!! So we would like to say that for those of you who were not able to attend, the UK team did us proud to represent our country. exness broker The UK team, who were sponsored by Wahl (UK) Ltd, were Richard Barker, Joanna Angus, Paula Hull and Melanie Winters-Holmes.

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It is a shame that there were not more supporters. Compared to other countries, we arrived there quicker than if we had to travel from here in the South to the North and it cost about the same. It may be something that Groomers might like to look into. Next year the Spanish International Championships will be on again so I’ll ask Northern Groomers to advertise it, with full details. Barcelona is historically beautiful, with splashes of Salvador Dali everywhere, a very romantic city. It was so lucky for my husband and I as it was our 18th Wedding Anniversary on the 26th, our last day of an excellent weekend.



Barcelona – October 2003, the 26th



Sandy Potter Poodle

Jenna Lostale Handstripping

Barbara Pruckel Purebreds Scissoring

Theresa Plishka Spaniel


Jay Scruggs Poodle

Julie Ostoski Handstripping

Liz Paul Purebreds Scissoring

Jodi Murphy Spaniel


Vincent Pastor Poodle

Françoise Eger Handstripping

Daisy Wiekly Purebreds Scissoring

Eve Raison Meo Spaniel


Simone V. Liewig Poodle

Diana Haerter Handstripping

Angelika Siebert Purebreds Scissoring

Michaela Huber Spaniel


Ferruccio Soave Poodle

Flavio Muratori Handstripping

Paola Acco Purebreds Scissoring

Ilaria Girardelli Spaniel



Daniel Pérez Poodle

Judith Camarasa Handstripping

Jaume Fauria Purebreds Scissoring

Lassie Gomez Spaniel



Melanie Holmes Poodle

Joanne Angus Handstripping

Richard Barker Purebreds Scissoring

Paula Hull Spaniel

Image64.jpg (932440 bytes)

UK Team sponsored by Wahl (UK) Ltd

Joanne Angus, Richard Barker, Paula Hull, Melanie Winters


HANDSTRIPPING CLASS: Mijo Klein (France), Jean François Vanaken (Belgium),Umberto Lehmann (Italy)

PUREBREDS SCISSORING : Emilia Diaz (Spain), Natalia Volkova (Russia), Hazel Christiansen (USA)

POODLE CLASS: Angel Marqués (Spain), Jean-François Vanaken (Belgium). Umberto Lehmann (Italy)

SPANIEL CLASS: Mijo Klein (France), Natalia Volkova (Russia), Hazel Christiansen (USA)




1ST ITALY 32 points (Handstrip 8 – Scissoring 6 – Spaniel 8 – Poodle 10)


2ND USA 28 points (Handstrip 6 - Scissoring 10 – Spaniel 6 – Poodle 6)


3RD FRANCE 19 points (Handstrip 10 – Scissoring 3 – Spaniel 4 – Poodle 2)


4TH SPAIN 18 points (Handstrip 3 – Scissoring 4 – Spaniel 3 – Poodle 8)


5TH UK 17 points (Handstrip 2 – Scissoring 2 - Spaniel 10 – Poodle 3)


6TH CANADA 15 points (Handstrip 4 – Scissoring 8 – Spaniel 2 – Poodle 1)


7TH GERMANY 7 points (Handstrip 1 – Scissoring 1 – Spaniel 1 – Poodle 4)



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